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Canadian Association for Tay-Sachs and Allied Diseases
Parent Peer Group

The Parent Peer Group (PPG) is a focal point of the groups activities. Living with the certainty of a child's gradual decline and death creates an emotional burden too difficult to bear alone. There is little that can make the situation easier; however, contact with other parents can reduce the feelings of isolation that contribute to despair. Through the self-help Parent Peer Group parents of affected children can:

  • give and receive emotional support;
  • obtain help during a time of crisis;
  • share resources and ideas about such issues as medical and social service programs;
  • provide each other with practical suggestions about the day-to-day care of their children;
  • establish relationships with others who, on a personal level, understand both the anguish and the recovery of being the parent of a dying child.
PPG membership also includes:
  • opportunity to participate in monthly support group meetings (held in the Greater Toronto Area);
  • subscription to "Lifeline", the newletter published by NTSAD in the United States
  • a copy of the NTSAD Parent Peer Group directory;
  • use of a CATSAD long distance calling card for use in calling other PPG members.
Membership in the Parent-Peer-Group is open to parents of children affected with Tay-Sachs or one of the allied diseases. There is an annual cost of twenty five dollars for the membership.


updated December 11, 2004